This is the better approach for a long-term solution that is more sustainable after the effectivity of RA 11469. Not just for the Governors, but let the local officials govern their respective LGUs as they know best the local situation and circumstances in their areas of jurisdiction, plus they are directly accountable to the people not just to the national government.

Here is a direct quote from the article of Beltran.

“The reason we have Governors is for them to govern and not be dictated upon, certainly not by political appointees. Governors and all those local officials were elected and will be held accountable by their constituents so they should be held accountable for how they formulated and implemented their response to Covid-19 and not how dutifully and faithfully they adhered to the orders and instructions coming out of Malacañang and the DILG. The national government has already done a good job of fighting off the first wave of the plague now let’s give the elected officials some flexibility to fine-tune the health and safety protocols as well as the stabilization of their respective areas and economies.

Let the Governors govern.”