National Chairman

Like all other global economies, the Philippines has not been spared from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, the pandemic persists, yet some hope lies in the horizon, with our nation learning its lessons on the way to getting back on its feet.

As we strive to rebuild our nation, now is a good time as ever for provinces to take on the broader task of orchestrating local development among its component cities, municipalities and barangays.

While barangays, municipalities and cities are crucial in the delivery of basic services to its constituencies, provinces are able to provide the broader, wider and more holistic perspective to local development.

With President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and Vice-President Sara Z. Duterte, we have two staunch advocates for local development who are keenly aware of the challenges faced by local development leaders.

Having been local chief executives themselves, they understand the demands to deliver basic services to their constituencies effectively and efficiently, on the one hand, and limited resources and both legal constraints and impositions for LGUs, on the other.

I am confident that with two former local leaders at the helm, LGUs can expect greater support and more opportunities to partner with the national government in upholding the people’s welfare.

Our people can rest assured that in the next three years, the League of Provinces will closely collaborate with the national government so that we can attain shared and sustainable development.