July 25, 2020
Malacanan, Manila
On behalf of the League of Provinces of the Philipines (LPP), we
are privileged to submit its position paper involving Locally
Stranded Individuals (LSIs):

I. Clarification of definition of Locally Stranded Individuals
The current definition of Locally Stranded Individuals or LSIs1
pursuant to section C of item III of DILG M.C. No. 2020-087 and
sub-item 4.3 of item 3 of NTF Order No. 2020-02, reads:
“ Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) – Foreign
nationals or Filipino citizens (e.g. construction and
domestic workers, tourists, students, among others)
in a specific locality within the Philippines who have
expressed intention to return to their place of
residence/ home origin.”
Under section 5.1 of said NTF Order no. 2020-02, LSIs are
categorized as follows:
“5.l. Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs):
5.1.1. Filipino local workers;
5.1.2. Students;
5.1.3. Local or foreign tourists;
5.1.4. Individuals stranded in various localities while in
transit; and
5.1.5. Other stranded individuals.”
LSIs are similarly classified under letter c of item III of DILG
Memorandum Circular no. 2020-087.
It is recommended that the aforequoted definition of LSIs be
revised to read as follows:
Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) – Foreign nationals or Filipino
citizens (e.g. construction and domestic workers, tourists,
students among others) in a specific locality within the Philippines
who have expressed intention to return to their place of
1 NTF Against Covid-19 Order No. 2020-02 signed by DND Sec. Delfin N. Lorenzana and
Memorandum Circular No. 2020-087 signed by DILG Sec. Eduardo M. Ano.

residence/home origin where the family of the LSI presently
resides. Family means the spouse (husband or wife) of LSI and
his/her children, if any, and if single, his/her parent/s and siblings,
if any.
The reason for the amendment is that the present definition of LSI
has been misused because of broadness. It can be interpreted to
include persons who are not actual residents in the receiving LGU.
II. Simplification and improvement of procedure on departure
from LGU of origin.
The procedure regarding the departure of the LSI from the LGU of
origin is found in sections 7.1 and 7.2 of NTF Against Covid-19
Order Number 2020-02.

To streamline the process, avoid the unannounced arrival of LSIs
and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the receiving LGUs, the LPP
proposes the adoption of the following procedure:

  1. The LSI shall communicate his or her request or application
    for admission to the Focal Person (FP) of the receiving LGU
    whether by call, text message, email or other means, stating
    his full name and his address in his barangay. For easy
    reference, the list of the FPs of each provincial government
    shall be attached to the IATF or DILG directive and given
    ample dissemination.
  2. The concerned FP shall verify whether the LSI falls under the
    definition of LSI. If the inquiry is in the affirmative, the FP shall
    immediately notify the LSI that he/she is eligible and he/she
    has to comply with the requirements of admission, to wit:
    a. Certificate from any DOH accredited testing facility or from
    the provincial, city or municipal health office of the LGU of
    origin that the LSI is PCR or RDT negative or non-reactive
    and is not a suspect, probable or confirmed Covid-19
    case. The expenses for the test shall be borne by the LSI.
    If applicant is an indigent, he/she can avail of the financial
    assistance from either the LGU of origin or the receiving
    b. Medical Certificate from the health office of the LGU of
    origin stating that:
  3. That LSI is neither a contact, suspect, probable or
    confined Covid-19 case.
  4. That LSI completed a 14-day quarantine based on the
    quarantine standards set by the DOH;
  5. That if LSI was previously infected, that he/she was
    tested negative through RT-PCR twice.
    c. Undertaking and Commitment signed by the LSI stating
    that he/she agrees: a.) to comply with all the national and
    local protocols relating to the Covid-19 while staying or

residing in the receiving LGU; b.) to be subjected to either
PCR or RDT test in the receiving LGU at his/her expense
unless he/she is an indigent; c.) to be subjected to a 14-
day quarantine; and d.) to stay or reside in the receiving
LGU for at least two (2) months from date of arrival and
e.) to comply with the penalty or sanctions prescribed by
the ordinances of the receiving LGU.
d. Travel Authority from JTF CV Shield or the chief of police
of the LGU of origin.

  1. Once all the 4 requirements are met, the LSI shall notify the FP
    of the receiving LGU and request a Notice of Acceptance from
    receiving LGU which will indicate the date and estimated time
    of admission set by the FP.
  2. Upon arrival at the receiving LGU, the LSI shall submit the four
    (4) prescribed documents to the LTF at the port or the border
    of the receiving LGU.
  3. Upon entry, all national and local health or safety protocols
    must be obeyed by the LSI.
    LPP requests that the foregoing proposed amendments be
    incorporated in the affected provisions of NTF Covid-19 Order no.
    2020-02 and DILG Memorandum Circular no. 2020-087.
    III. Moratorium on entry of LSIs.
    The LPP also recommends that provinces and cities be given a 2-
    week moratorium every month before the entry of another batch
    of LSIs for the following reasons:
  4. Adequate period to sanitize the LGUs’ holding and receiving
  5. Avoid the heavy influx of LSIs and returning overseas Filipinos
    (ROFs) that overwhelms the quarantine facilities and
    personnel of receiving LGUs.
  6. Opportunity to put frontliners of receiving LGUs exposed to
    Covid-19 under quarantine and to provide a respite for
    volunteers and other medical personnel.
  7. Allow time for contact tracing.
    LPP hopes that the foregoing proposals will merit your kind
    consideration and immediate approval.
    Very truly yours,

National President

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