His humble beginnings have taught him the value of serving the public. Edwin “Boboy” B. Hamor was born second among the three children of Jose Huen Hamor and Dolores Buenviaje Brondial on September 11, 1959 and was raised to a life of simplicity, in the small barangay of Casiguran, Sorsogon.

Despite hardships, believing in the importance of education, he persevered in his studies in college by taking part-time jobs to earn and pay for his tuition. He enrolled at Far Eastern University where he finished a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Before entering into politics, he was then the Chief Executive Officer of AREMAR Construction.

His wife is the incumbent Sorsogon City Mayor, Ma. Ester E. Hamor, who was the former mayor of Casiguran and Vice-Governor of the province. He is blessed with three children.

Born to be a leader, he was elected as Mayor of the municipality of Casiguran from 1998 to 2007 and from 2016 to 2022, respectively. He vowed to make himself worthy of the trust bestowed upon him by the Sorsoganons, armed by his experiences, accomplishment, and dedication to promoting the welfare of the people. His dream to become a Governor and serve the province of Sorsogon was then realized just this year as he won the last election.

Looking and listening to peoples’ agenda, Governor Boboy Hamor’s 7K Program is his resilient plan of action for the development and success of the Province of Sorsogon. His program covers seven key areas namely Kabuhayan, Kalusugan, Kadunungan, Katrangkilohan, Kagandahan, Kalinisan and Kalikasan.

Kabuhayan is his number one priority program aiming for economic development through innovative agriculture programs while health, nutrition, and medical initiatives that will improve the quality and delivery of health services are the highlights of Kalusugan Program. Providing excellent educational support to improve the quality of education for every Sorsoganons is the goal of the Kadunungan Program. Meanwhile, Katrangkilohan Program is his vision of seeking province-wide peace and order that will ensure the safety and protection of Sorsoganons. Further, Kagandahan, Kalinigan, and Kalikasan Programs are the frameworks to support the tourism and aesthetic development of the province.

All of this platform aims to provide basic services from the most industrialized municipalities to the most remote barangays of Sorsogon.

It is the goal of Governor Hamor to uplift the lives of all Sorsoganons through the development and beautification of the province, in keeping with his motto for the province, “Una an Sorsoganon.”