The 1st Romblomanon Governor
The 1st Vice Governor to be elected as Governor
The Only Unopposed Vice Governor (2016 election)

Divided by seas, Romblon has also three major cultures and dialects; Unhan, Ini and Asi. The challenge for every administration is the centralization of progress amid divisions and distance. Thus, OR – Otik Riano for ONE ROMBLON.

Southern Luzon Deputy Secretary – League of Provinces of the Philippines
Chairman – Regional Development Council MIMAROPA


  • Implement further –
  1. Zero hospital billing to senior citizens and indigent people;
  2. Up-to-date hospital equipment and facilities;
  3. Increase the number of expert doctors and improve quality of services in every hospital
  • New technologies for a better quality of education
  • Concreting of roads and build more infrastructures/facilities
  • Sound fiscal policy
  • Focus on increased food production
  • Strengthen Tourism, Transportation and Communication
  • Help every barangay to build multi-purpose covered courts, evacuation centers, water systems and construction materials for barangay projects.

Education Background

  • Elementary: Romblon West Central School
  • Secondary: Romblon National High School
  • College: Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Name: Jose R. Riano
Nickname: Otik / Joe
Birthday: July 28
Birthplace: Romblon, Romblon
Wife: Annabelle Chua – Riano
Children: Aaronn, Aldrin and Alvin
Father: Sarito Menese – Riano
Mother: Maria Rayos – Ruado